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That is the current backup must be greater than or equal to the previous one. If the backup is smaller a ticket is immeiately forme we are investigating the reasons. Sometimes this is not due to copying errors but for example to cleaning the database. Checks are carrie out on average once a week depending on the size of the database. The script runs automatically according to the scheuler in GitLab.

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Store backups on the same server with backe up data Sometimes this is explaine by the fact that there is no other place and it is more economical bad scenario . Or this is how the admin decides to store a hot copy of the data so that the recovery of a particular lost file is faster good scenario . In this case the correctness of the solution is determine by the Egypt Email List presence of a cold copy on a third party server. Not always a problem with the system can affect the entire server. For example if a company employee accidentally deletes a few important files nothing threatens the infrastructure itself. But if the problem is more complex the entire server along with backups will fall under the distribution.

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There are many such cases in practice. Here for example is the story of an engineer who administere C servers Situation on Friday evening the server was hacke. On Saturday the accountant wante to work but nothing opene for him. On the server itself IT Cell Number all files were encrypte. Its good that the backups were kept separately and we were able to restore everything. A server problem can occur in both software and hardware. Therefore server reundancy often goes hand in hand with data backups. There is such an unpleasant story The server with the database burne out the power supply the machine stoppe working.

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