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Researchers notice some time ago that well-fe Western societies are rarely guide by real life nees when shopping. It is not the satisfaction of hunger or thirst, the nee to cover or keep warm that is the impulse to spend money. Since the inhabitants of these countries do not usually complain about the fact that their basic nees are not met, they are guide by something else when shopping. Often – emotions. What is emotional branding? The fact that emotional branding is a relatively new phenomenon can be prove by the fact that the definition was indirectly formulate only in 2004 by the director of the Saatchi & Saatchi agency.

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His Lovemark theory posits that a brand should inspire respect and admiration. Thanks to this, it will reach the hearts of customers, and thus – it will control their wallets. In short, it can be said that it is about evoking emotional motivation in whatsapp mobile number list customers . Emotional branding allows you to skip the stage of customer nees analysis to a large extent. Whether he nees a drink or food becomes irrelevant when emotions are involve. They can control customer behavior. Community Blog The authors of Measuring Emotion—Lovemarks, The Future BeyondBrands made an interesting discovery.

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They claim that, depending on the product category, emotions are responsible for as much as 63-85 percent. purchase decisions – more often than practical aspects. How to use emotions to increase sales? Emotional branding allows you to transfer IT Cell Number warm emotions from people to objects or services. It consists primarily of a communication strategy and an appropriate brand marketing concept . Branding is also important – the colors or slogans use. The creator of the Lovemark idea himself pointe out that the easiest way to emotional branding is to reach the senses of customers. This may sound complicate, but it really isn’t. Everyone comes into contact with these types of techniques during the day.

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