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Rent deicate servers with a ready made or custom configuration. Physical servers ready in minutes all resources are only yours. test Result. Combining the capabilities of deicate servers and a cloud platform allowe the Gardium team to significantly optimize costs. Thus the cost of ownership of infrastructure has been reuce by three times compare to the previous. Concept of resource allocation. Placing the infrastructure in one place allowe us to solve. All the problems that we starte to face due to its geo distribution. At the same time the level of reliability of the provider allows. You not to worry about the possible risks of such an approach says Ilya Kononenko.

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Guardian is now meeting the risk recalculation and monitoring deadlines by using deicate servers with the right drives and features. After merging the infrastructure with one provider the team has significantly fewer problems with the connectivity of sites there is no longer a nee to look for problems at the borders . For example losing – hours to go through a cycle in development or from to million records due to temporary downfalls of systems. The Burundi Email List move to Selectel also gave the company flexible scaling capabilities. Development plans In the future the company wants to increase the functionality of the SaaS service and the number of users add new features for customers. For these tasks the Guardian team plans to use the infrastructure scaling capabilities. There are also plans to connect CDN a service for the rapid delivery of static content for users in Russia and abroad. With the implementation of the planne will be able to help products Selectel.

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In The Protection Of Personal Data

Kubernetes K s is rightly considere the industry standard for container management but this does not mean that the solution is suitable for every type of business. The entry threshold for K s is high and the benefits are not always clear. It can be much IT Cell Number more efficient to use alternative orchestrators. OpenShift Nomad or Apache Mesos with the help of additional utilities can do much of what K s offers. These solutions are an order of magnitude easier to learn and configure even if they do not have such an active community. Then why cant they be use everywhere. The problem is that comparing these orchestrators and believing that in the end it will turn out to be more profitable is not entirely correct. Well have to compare the engines and the car.

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