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A DevOps specialist we spoke with note that several types of backups are useful where you nee to close both the risk of infrastructure failure and the risk of data loss. For critical services it is worth raising a replica in order to quickly switch to it if the hardware fails. You should not rely solely on RAID and SMART disk monitoring. Data protection can also be in two variations. Here for example one of our clients solve this problem Our company has a rule we reserve the entire infrastructure and always in two ways.

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The database is backe up both in plain text mode this is pure SQL which describes the entire structure of the database and in binary file format. In an emergency this will allow us to be more flexible in rebuilding the base. Didnt set alerts Well tune backups Estonia Email List lull vigilance. They can work flawlessly for a long time you will already forget about them but at some point something may go wrong. Regularly checking the status of backups is difficult especially if there are a lot of them. The right solution would be to put notifications in the monitoring system or on personal mail that some kind of trigger action has happene.

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One of the interviewe Selectel customers suggests not to waste time on trifles and set alerts for everything the fact of making a copy the copy is larger or smaller than it should be the remaining amount of space on the server where backups are sent IT Cell Number so that the space does not end status for the backup command may fail etc. Of course you can work without alerts but why give up the opportunity to let the infrastructure itself report errors. So for a system administrator who share his experience with us potential problems are automatically generate into tickets We have a check for the size of the backup it must grow.

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