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The advantage of the approach is that the company can create a more customizable storage independently prescribe the necessary automation and fully control the work with images. Here are the disadvantages For a clear and error free operation of the repository experience specialists with experience in building CI CD processes are neee. You will have to rent additional infrastructure and administer it. For example GitLab recommends using a server with at least vCPUs and GB of RAM.

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You nee to consider the amount of available resources for example disk memory if you are using an infrastructure with configuration options that are difficult to scale. If you do not follow this saving the next new version of the image may not go Denmark Email List according to plan. Using a public service The company uses DockerHub a solution from Docker. It offers an unlimite number of free public repositories but you have to pay for private ones. The obvious advantage of the solution is the availability of a free plan. You can also highlight the develope community and a large amount of documentation on working with the tool. But there are also disadvantages Using a public repository may not be safe.

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So in an analysis of public builds on Docker Hub showe that of them have critical vulnerabilities and about of the last million images can be considere malicious. Container development security is still one of the most discusse topics. The registry is locate IT Cell Number on a third party resource not next to the applications infrastructure. This can affect the spee of uploading and downloading images. Most providers charge external traffic. This means that the connectivity of a third party service with the infrastructure will be paid. Solution from an IT infrastructure provider At the moment almost all major cloud providers that offer ready made Kubernetes clusters have adde a service for storing container images to their product portfolio.

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