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Such a report causes the current SEO specialists to be accuse of negligence and the contract with them is terminate. Sometimes the manager of the auditor company adds fuel to the fire. When he calls a doubting client every day and teases. They dont do anything with the site Come to us there will be a result in the first month. The competition among web studios is high their managers go to great lengths to get a client. Not every customer is familiar with. Internet marketing enough to evaluate the quality of the services receive.

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What if the current contractor gave all the best for and did a lot of laborintensive work with the web resource correcte critical and fatal errors And what was found by the auditor is such trifles that no one pays attention to them. How to figure out how correct Congo Email List the audit is Website audit example screenshot Even on sites that are in the TOP for most targete queries the analyst will find errors. But not all of them prevent you from taking positions on the first pages. And the purpose of the audit is to assess the quality of the contractors work and not the state of the site. For example you turne to a car service for services change oil filters pads. They took an advance payment from you and the master said come back in four days.

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Two days later you bring an auto mechanic who inspects the car and reports that the car service has not done anything the oil has not been change the IT Cell Number pads are worn out the filters are old. Will this be a reason to take the money and change the car service You naturally ask the contractor whats the matter and find out that the guys ordere spare parts on the very first day receive them today and planne to replace them tomorrow. For clients who decide to order a free audit of the site we suggest doing it correctly. Ask analysts to assess the state of the site and ongoing work.

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