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We execute the command make menuselect choice of options. In the menu you can choose which modules. Asterisk will use which codecs it will support and also select. A package of pre recorde messages that the subscriber is unavailable busy or put you on hold. The most necessary options for starting are already selecte by default and we just have to choose a language pack. You can select it on the Core Sound Packages tab . language packs After selecting the desire options click Save Exit.

Telephony Is The Cost Of Implementation

We prepare the files and start building with the commands make j After the build is complete you can start installing Asterisk on the server using the commands make install make samples make config ldconfig So Asterisk is installe. Lets start setting up. Step Configuring Asterisk We create a user and a group for Asterisk after which we add the users necessary for correct operation to the group groupadd asterisk useradd r d var lib asterisk g asterisk Cayman Islands Email List asterisk usermod aG audio dialout asterisk Grant permissions to users chown R asterisk asterisk etc asterisk chown R asterisk asterisk var lib log spool asterisk chown R asterisk asterisk usr lib asterisk.

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Unlike Analog Telephony There Is No Nee

USER asterisk AST GROUP asterisk We execute the commands so that Asterisk starts when the server is turne on systemctl restart asterisk systemctl enable asterisk. Check if everything is fine with the service systemctl status asterisk. You will most likely see the following error radcli rc read config rc read config cant open etc. Overwrite the Apache web IT Cell Number server configuration and restart the service a enmod rewrite systemctl restart apache We have move on to the last step. We go to the browser and drive the link into the address bar http xxxx admin instead of xxxx insert the server IP address and configure the administrator account administrator setting Congratulations everything is installe successfully Conclusion So we figure out the basics of IP telephony we understood how it is organize what technologies are use for full implementation what basic principles of telephony underlie the technology.

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