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It turns out that the robots gives instructions on which resource directories can be indexe. What functions does robots perform When a new page is found the search engine robot follows all the links indicate on it as a result of which they end up in the database. After a certain time the fixe pages are adde to the search results lists. It is noteworthy that this applies to absolutely all pages seen even those that are not focuse on visitors to the resource but are necessary to ensure its correct operation. To prevent bots from indexing unnecessary URLs programmers must create and correctly configure a file for them and place it in the correct root directory of the site for example httpsite rurobots.

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If we take into account the fact that the presence of the file does not affect the ranking in any way it is simply not present on many sites. This approach cannot be calle correct since robots provides a whole set of advantages The ability to prohibit full or partial Somalia Email List indexing of the site limit the range of bots that have the right to perform this action. A total ban is a good solution in a situation where the site is at the stage of restoration modernization or creation. Spam bot protection. Use to scan pages for email addresses. In the future these addresses are use to send advertising letters.

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Hiding certain sections of the resource focuse not on search engines but on specific users with extende permissions. These sections may contain personal information and other information of a similar nature. When setting up robots is require The IT Cell Number corresponding operations are carrie out directly at the resource development stage. Until the project is complete it is better for programmers to hide it from the ubiquitous search robots. What is it for The answer is simple so that empty pages sections that have not yet been complete to the end do not end up in the search results lists. They do not represent any value for the client and therefore they can spoil the overall impression of the company.

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