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It is necessary not only to receive data but also to transfer it from users to the service you nee to allow client server requests through the CDN in both directions. For example you have an online store with worldwide delivery and the user can not only read the product card but also add it to the cart. In this case an HTTP request is generate and sent back to Origin the origin server via the CDN. CDN nodes do not process such HTTP requests in any way they simply let them pass through themselves without hindrance. There is a bottleneck here for a mass attack with HTTP requests.

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Therefore if you have a web resource with interactive content we recommend that you think about additional application protection. In Selectel you can choose affordable web protection from DDoS GUARD or Qrator. It will become an additional screen against malicious attacks by HTTP traffic between the CDN host and the origin server. How to Buy Bulk SMS Service choose a CDN provider The functionality and security of the service largely depends on this choice. Ask yourself or a potential provider the following questions How many points of presence. Examine the provider’s CDN server map. Assess how realistic the scenario of reistributing traffic to the nearest PoPs will be. What additional services are there to improve security.

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It is good if you can purchase a service from the same provider that will increase the security of your infrastructure such as protection against DDoS attacks at the application level L . How many years has the company been on the market. It is better IT Cell Number to choose a service provider with a good reputation and a pool of clients. Is there support for SSL certificates for custom domain names. Usually the CDN provider issues a technical domain in Selectel this is selcdn net by default . It is often inconvenient with the default domain you will nee to make sure that the technical domain is registere in a number of application paths. It is more convenient to replace it with a custom one and put the domain of your site there.

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