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With this level of security it is possible to store for example almost. All personal and meical data for up to subjects. From the clients point of view this solution does not incur. Any additional costs as it is a feature of the companys infrastructure. There are several specialize centers in Russia that carry out performance evaluation activities with equal success. The proceure for evaluating the effectiveness of the protection measures taken involves checking. The compliance of the providers infrastructure for compliance with the level of protection.

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The provider itself is not the operator of personal data for the clients of the service. Which is hoste in its infrastructure only for the service itself. The process involves an assessment of both organizational documentation orders etc. And technical measures setting up protective equipment etc. From a business point of view at the stage of choosing a provider Cameroon Email List you should check for the existence of a Performance Assessment Act or a Certificate of Compliance. Well if the company publicly poste it directly on the site. For customers who want to build a system with increase security requirements there is a certifie data center segment solution . FZ is like the tip of the iceberg. What else can you do to keep your data safe The certifie segment of the data center is not only Tier III compliance.

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In fact these are separate racks which are additionally equippe with an electronic lock on the side of the cold and hot aisles and additional cameras. The racks of the certifie segment of the data center customers can place servers of any configuration behind an individual hardware firewall. In this way the isolation of the customers systems from other IT Cell Number customers and Selectel networks is achieve. As a rule only employees who have been traine and approve by the client security department have access to this space. The key problem that placement in a certifie data center segment solves is the nee for full control over security and certification of your system for data operators. Internet telephony is increasingly include in different areas of our lives. Thanks to her we hold morning meetings on Zoom call parents on WhatsApp.

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