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Filling sections This is done by content managers under. The direct control of the optimizer who also writes the terms of reference how to fill the. Site base on the create profile. The optimizer checks and corrects the work of content creators. Since mistakes are often made on large projects which can affect the results. For example the content manager cheate and adde uncompresse photos to the product cards. Cards that weigh megabytes load slowly and search engines are in no hurry to raise them higher in the search results.

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Creation of unique content copywriting Materials for the site are written by copywriters including according to the terms of reference from an SEO Tonga Email List specialist. Base on the semantic core and competitive analysis the optimizer develops a detaile TOR for text development. This at a minimum includes link to the page where the text will be keywords for the article number of signs requirements for the uniqueness of the text values ​​of overspam and water content of the text abstracts about what the content should be about. External optimization This is the realm of an SEO specialist. This includes a list of works to promote a web resource on the Internet.

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The more often a site or its name is mentione on resources that search engines trust the more loyalty they show to it. This includes for example such works Analysis of the link profile of competitors and placement of mentions of the promote web resource IT Cell Number in the same place. Placement of information about the company and links to the site in all specialize directories. Publication of contact information in popular directories Yandex yellow pages SPR etc. Creation of company cards in feeback services. Placement of thematic materials on article portals. Creation of social responses and work with thematic forums. Registration on rating sites etc. Part of the work on the terms of reference can also be delegate to content managers.

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