Open the images you want to merge

As separate layers in Photoshop. b. Add a layer mask to the top layer by clicking the “Add Layer Mask” button in the Layers panel. c. Use the Brush tool with black or white color to paint on the layer mask, revealing or hiding parts of the layer. Smart Objects Smart Objects are another invaluable tool for image blending and merging in Photoshop.

When you convert a layer into a Smart

Object, it retains its original data, allowing you to resize, rotate, and apply filters without loss of quality. Smart Objects Photo Retouching Service are especially useful for blending multiple images with different resolutions or aspect ratios. To use Smart Objects in Photoshop: a. Open the images you want to blend as separate layers in Photoshop. b. Right-click on the layer you.

Photoshop Services

Want to convert into a Smart Object and choose

Convert to Smart Object. Apply transformations or filters to the Smart Object without permanently altering the original image. Luminosity Masks Luminosity masks are powerful for blending exposures and IT Cell Number controlling tonal adjustments in Photoshop. They allow you to create selections based on the brightness values of an image, making it easier to blend multiple exposures or create natural-looking HDR images.

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