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Below marketplaces and contextual advertising is a list of sites that the search engine considers the most suitable for visitors for this query. This is a natural issue or else it is calle the TOP. TOP Yandex search results on request stretch ceilings This list includes pages optimize for search queries. Search results are shareware. In order for the site to be displaye in it you do not pay directly to search engines for clicks or impressions. But if you do not own the skills of an SEO optimizer for this you will nee to involve a specialist.

Budget For Promotion Choose Channels

The cost of his services ranges from to thousand rubles a month. This budget can be considere advertising. The only disadvantage of SEO is that the result in the form of visitors from the search does not appear immeiately but you have to wait several months until the positions grow. Search engines treat new sites with skepticism and for the first months Panama Email List they are not shown in the TOP. Therefore the first months you pay only for the work performe you do not see visitors. The promotion period can take up to a year or more and there are many risks involve. Search engines change algorithms and you have to adjust the site. Also you can make a mistake with the contractor and he will not give a result at the expense incurre.

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To Attract Visitors To The Site Demand

As a result of his actions there will be very few visitors and it would be more profitable to invest this money in contextual advertising. But when use properly this tool generates a lot of cheap traffic and as a result it often costs less than other payperclick campaigns. You can use methods that use other peoples resources or competitors brande traffic. For example IT Cell Number if you look at the results for queries like meical centers city or dental clinic city you will see that the TOP is mostly directories. Therefore find as many query options as possible and look at the results for them. Choose directories that are available for these queries and see if these resources have priority placement to be the first in the category.

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