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Offers services at reasonable prices. Self configuring CDN Of course you can set up and connect your own CDN network. However the cost of creating and maintaining such an infrastructure will be much higher if you want to provide an acceptable data transfer rate through your CDN service. Therefore only large companies can create their own effective networks for the delivery and distribution of content. Among them are WordPress and the Wix builder which use their own CDN to support their clients sites. Of course such IT giants as Google Microsoft large cloud services and most leading corporations in other industries.

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Amazon Alibaba also have CDN networks. CDN user statistics We understand that statistics are a rather boring thing but this is the most visual way to demonstrate the benefits of a product or technology. In conclusion lets add a few speaking figures for CDN At the end of the average number of requests via CDN was . of the total. At the same time in the Bolivia Email List Third party data segment information obtaine from third party sources the percentage of CDN requests was significantly more than half The number of sites out of the top by the number of visitors one way or another using CDN services last year reache . of the total in desktop versions and in mobile versions.

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The sites include in the first million popularity rating also actively use the Content Delivery Network technology according to data . of such sites in desktop versions and . in mobile versions use content delivery networks. The total percentage of requests via CDN for all sites was . for desktop versions and . for mobile versions. Thus more than a quarter IT Cell Number of all Internet resources are already using CDNs to spee up traffic. So we figure out the definition of a content delivery network and the principles of CDN operation. We assesse the advantages and disadvantages of the technology considere whether there are alternatives to CDN. Selectels clients include social networks online publications electronic payment systems and other companies. Their services nee uninterrupte operation which is achieve by reundant data center systems.

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