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During the existence of the company we manage to accumulate reservation experience which allows us to give guarantees to our customers and which we want to share. Hot cold and warm reundancy The causes of downtime and failures in data centers are diverse from equipment failure to network attacks. And their consequences are not cheap SLA payments and loss of customer loyalty. There are many approaches to assessing financial losses. But all of them are determine through downtime the longer the network lies the more damage awaits the provider.

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For example the American telecommunications company Lumen Technologies CenturyLink receive a fine of billion for an incident in . Then a failure in their data center the reason is not specifie cause interruptions in the service which took more Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List than a day to eliminate. So downtime in turn depends on the spee of recovery systems. According to this indicator there are two types of reservation Hot standby is a method in which reundant elements are on actively working and sharing the load among themselves. During cold reundancy reundant nodes are turne off and can be store in a warehouse in spare parts.

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If a failure occurs the time to fix it and as a result the cost of downtime with a cold standby will be higher than with a hot standby. But using only hot methods in equipment reundancy is unprofitable such reundancy requires more resources electricity or fuel. Compromise warm reservation In the early days of Selectel it was not possible to reundant IT Cell Number routers. Clients were given public networks in each of which five IP addresses were available to them. To make a hot reservation you had to pick up two of them. It hurts for clients. As a rule all their addresses were occupie the reservation process was delaye. The compromise was warm reundancy for which you do not nee to take IP addresses from the clients network. As in the case of a hot standby a spare turne on router is already in the rack with links connecte to it.

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