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Now on we can safely say that PF and UX user experience user. Experience are the decisive factors in ranking regardless of the search engine. Timely responses to users in the chat increase clickthrough rate. Yandex. Dialog in the site snippet screenshot . Content of the relevant page We make the site useful. Texts. Information on the site should be easy to read and solve the problems of the visitor. To reuce inappropriate traffic you nee to remove occurrences of irrelevant phrases.

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Each page of the site should be designe in such a way that it is convenient for the user to work with it and perceive information. Important design elements Content design on the site screenshot headlines table of contents with links to sections quick links linking rubricators tags highlighting interesting and important points in the text. Interactive To optimize behavioral factors it is necessary not only to keep the visitor on the site but also to provoke him to active New Zealand Email List actions. Interactive options QUIZ multilevel form Quiz online calculator screenshot survey rating price calculator design constructor a comment User comments on the site screenshot review adding a site to bookmarks subscription to news mailings notifications about the appearance of goods social meia buttons windows for adding to a group in social networks. Variety of content.

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Users love the variety of presentation formats. Someone likes to read someone prefers video the majority sticks to looking at infographics and thematic pictures. Simplify the first step. It is difficult for many to take the first step so you nee to simplify IT Cell Number it as much as possible set up an order in one click add contact forms messenger online chat quick call. It is better not to impose forms but to offer them when the visitor leaves the page. Increasing confidence We form audience loyalty. Photos and videos about the company management employees. The user will make sure that the company really exists and works.

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