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As a rule the provider offers several solutions for organizing Disaster Recovery with different RTO and RPO values. Check them all out and choose the one that suits you best. If in doubt about the choice a good provider will always suggest a solution. Create a disaster recovery plan DRP if you dont already have one. Basically it should contain an algorithm of actions in case of an accident who to call who to connect how responsibility for restoring systems is distribute. The main task of the plan is to eliminate the panic accumulation of errors and incorrect actions in case of emergency. In large companies DRP even prescribes the proceure for communicating with the meia in order to work out potential risks. Preconfigure network infrastructure NAT firewalls . Infrastructure is not only a set of servers.

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If you quickly restore the database server but did not connect it to the web server the application will not work fully. Setting up a network takes a lot of time so its not worth postponing it to the last moment. By the way often in ready made DR services this can be configure in the interface. Set up a technical solution and DR for services. Regardless of the chosen Aruba Email List solution unless of course it is a complete turnkey DR setup the system will have to be configure. So for example if you chose Cloud Director Availability you will nee to provide infrastructure management through the vSphere plugin or Cloud Director. However you do not nee to be afraid of this item if you have chosen the right provider you will find detaile configuration instructions in their knowlege base. Test system performance.

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Just set and forget is not an option. The configure Disaster Recovery nees to be teste that is artificially arrange an infrastructure failure on the main site IT Cell Number and implement the same plan B. This is your chance to find weaknesses in DRP and detect recovery time. Does it really meet the desire RPO and RTO metrics. At Selectel you can test a customize system for a solution for free. Set the frequency of DR testing. It is recommende to repeat the previous paragraph of the guide at least once every two months to make sure that the recovery to the cloud is correct.

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