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After publication the text and pictures practically do not change. Static permanent content is a lot like printe material more often than not a given page will have the same text and photos regardless of the conditions of interaction with the content and the identity of the reader. The standard process for caching persistent content is to keep a copy of a static file such as an image in the cache. This is necessary so that the file is closer to the user and downloads faster when it is accesse again.

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Browsers and CDNs can cache static for a specifie time period TTL and provide it for as long as it is requeste. This is easy to organize because static content unlike dynamic content does not change or changes slightly one illustration may change Belize Email List or a comma may be adde to the text. How a CDN works Now lets describe how the Content Delivery Networks are organize. The usual scheme for transferring data on the Internet without using a CDN is implemente in such a way that all users receive information directly from a specific server which can be locate arbitrarily far away.

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CDN on the other hand allows you to download content immeiately literally within a few seconds. It does not matter if the source server origin remember the terms is locate in St. Petersburg Cairo or Buenos Aires. The scheme of CDN operation is as follows IT Cell Number The CDN provider to which the site is connecte has a group of already configure servers locate in a certain territory for example in Europe Asia or both . These servers are designe primarily for distribution of heavy static content as well as streaming content video because dynamics almost always load quickly. Now the user who requests the page is no longer reirecte to the origin but to the nearest ege node.

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