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These are car owners who came to the site to read an article or find an answer to their question. And if the information turns out to be useful and the site. Is convenient and interesting there is a chance that the visitor will become a client. The information block may. Contain the following sections Company blog companys news. Section Question Answer. These can be articles notes from motorists news from the world of the automotive industry etc. We offer a comprehensive promotion of car service contextual advertising contextual. Advertising to attract customers to a car service Advertising in search engines is unmatche in terms of. The amount of targete traffic attracte and the breadth of targeting options.

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Today the two main channels for promoting contextual advertising are Google and Yandex search engines. According to statistics for of the population in Runet use Google and use Yandex to search for information. In Russia the percentage of Yandex Zambia Email List users excees and search engine advertising offers powerful tools to promote any business. Advertising in search results. The mechanism of operation is simple the user is show an ad about the service he is looking for or a relate service that may also be of interest to him.

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Yandex Advertising Network YAN . The user is show an ad on sites whose subject matter corresponds to the service. For example a person reads motorsport news and is immeiately show an ad about an autotuning service. The result is an exact hit IT Cell Number on the motorist. The format is an image ad. Retargeting. This is a powerful tool for returning a visitor to the site. For example if a person visits the page of the car inspection service once in the future he will be shown an ad with this service on other sites and platforms. This is an effective reminder of yourself and work with old visitors.

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