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The manager states the budget for the development of the site is two hundre thousand rubles. The studio creates a web resource asks about the budget for promotion. But it turns out that it has been exhauste. The customers manager was delusional. Because he thought that it was enough to make a website and the traffic would appear on its own. And if initially the specialists were given the task that there are two hundre thousand rubles for the Internet and we nee to sell our services the scheme of work would be built according to the principle. Promotion And the third point is advertising tools through which visitors to the site will be attracte.

The Site It Is Important To Consider

The most popular source of traffic to a website is search engines. Today they have effective ways to attract Contextual advertising Marketplaces Promotion. We will type the query buy stretch ceilings in the search engines Yandex and Google. Yandex Palestine Email List search results on request buy stretch ceilings ads open at the top this is contextual advertising. Advertisements are shown in the context of the query that the user of the search engine type. The advertiser sets up ads for the sale of goods or services and sets the phrases in which to show them. In this case payment is not made for displaying an advertisement but only if the visitor clicks on the advertisement and goes to the advertisers website.

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Points To Study The Demand On The Internet

When inquiries of a commodity nature for example baby strollers you can see an advertising block with photos of goods this is Yandex Market a marketplace where you can place your goods. Yandex search results with the Yandex. Market block on request prams This system is better suite for online stores. On Google strollers appear above the search IT Cell Number results. Google search results with a block of Google advertising service on demand baby carriages Search engines pull up the range of goods from the site to their database and at the request of the user issue ads with photos and prices. Payment is make according to the same principle as in the context for the transi to the site.

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