Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook

Unfortunately, it’s not a divine sign from above telling you to buy those shoes, but rather, it’s an online marketing tactic called remarketing, also known as retargeting. It works by installing a tracking code on your website that will cookie visitors. Therefore, These visitors will then be served ads on other platforms like facebook. The […]

Working with a Google Partner

Here at keymedia solutions, we’re proud of all the hard work our employees have put towards becoming experts in this industry. Through research, conferences, and webinars, we’ve traveled across the country and learned from business leaders to ensure that we deliver the best quality service to our clients. One of the testaments to our hard […]

What are visitors doing once they get to your website

Wouldn’t you love to know how people found your site? See how long visitors are staying after they came from search, facebook, or remarketing ads? Or know how many visits it took before a user finally converted? Google analytics is the free tool to do just that. It doesn’t just track your business’s online sales […]