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Then go to Settings , click on Custom Product Strategies Innovations. In and then on Search . Click Add and fill in the first. Then in Import we click Indicate manually and paste the URLs. We click Start and when the scan finishes we go to. The Response Codes tab and check for 4xx errors. In the event that we find products that respond with a 404, the ideal would be to redirect. Them to a similar product or to its updated version if it has one, in order not to lose that organic traffic. Below, I explain in detail what aspects you should analyze. How to analyze my products out of stock Once you detect these products, you will have to analyze if they have organic traffic and/or backlinks to make a decision.

With the help of Google Product Strategies Analytics you will be able to analyze

Furthermore, it is important that you not category email list only focus on the organic channel, since it may be the case that a product receives a lot of traffic through some social network but not as much through search engines. Analyze organic traffic With the help of Google Analytics you will be able to analyze how much organic traffic that URL receives in a certain period of time , which will depend on the type of ecommerce and the speed at which the products are renewed. To analyze many URLs at the same time, I recommend that you use Screaming Frog and connect the Analytics API and Google Search Console ( Settings/Connect APIS ).

Check if they have backlinks With an SEO tool like Moz

Next, in List Mode, paste the list of IT Cell Number URLs and start crawling. When it’s finished, you can easily check the number of clicks, impressions, and organic sessions, among other data, that each product has received in a certain period of time. Check if they have backlinks With an SEO tool like Moz, Ahrefs or Semrush you can detect the external links that those products have. Also, again with our friend the frog we can easily analyze several URLs. You will only have to connect the Moz or Ahrefs API , just as I explained previously to link to Google Analytics, for example.

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