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Do you want to know how works so you can use it in your work. In this guide we explain how to use and how to take advantage of Trello. Nowadays, organization and coordination are essential when working as a team and even more so .With the rise of teleworking, where we are more distanced from our colleagues. Therefore, in today’s article I bring you a tutorial on how the app. Works in Spanish and what key points you should know about it to understand and master it from the beginning.

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Tool based on the Kanban method that helps you manage tasks or projects , as well as improve. Your productivity thanks to its platform such as being able to executive data work and organize tasks as a team. No matter where each user is. In 2011 Fog Creek Software launched. A prototype program that sought to solve some planning problems that companies had, this program was called Trellis. This program prototype evolved and was acquired by several companies over time until, in 2017. The Atlassian company bought and is known as one of the best management applications . Some of the examples of tactics they created were.

And now I'll tell you about

Trello guide, but before getting into the platform itself I want you to understand some. Essential aspects that you need to understand to know how works. The IT Cell Number dashboard represents the place where you can monitor information for larger. Projects, teams, or workflows . If you need to create a new task, whether it’s designing a logo. Creating a client’s web design, planning a wedding. The board is the ideal place to organize tasks and also be able to cooperate with colleagues on your team. A contest with a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt that offered MHC newsletter subscriptions to winners. for a dozen Gifs of John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst fame, scattered throughout the site. 

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