Acumbamail Tutorial: Create Email Marketing Campaigns

Acumbamail Tutorial: Create Email Marketing Campaigns. Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing strategies. Keep in mind that in most cases the users who have given you their email are people who are interested in what you do or sell. Furthermore, the investment of time and money that you have to invest in email marketing is less than in other marketing strategies. But to achieve results you need two things, the first is to have a professional specialized in email marketing and the second is to have a powerful and versatile mailing tool.

Open an account in Acumbamail

Open an account in Acumbamail. The first thing is to open an account, to do so you just have to go to the Acumbamail website , click on the Register for Free button, it is very easy, you just have to indicate your email and the password that you are going to use. Below you will see a popup in which you can choose your rate, if you are going to send less than 2000 emails per month, you can continue with the free version , to do so click on the Continue job function email list  for free button. Don’t worry if later you are going to send more than 2,000 emails per month, you can increase your rate whenever you want through the platform.

Create automatic email marketing campaigns

Create automatic email marketing campaigns. One of the best things about Acumbamail is that we can create automations with the free version. These automations are very useful for the subscription confirmation process, to welcome subscribers with an email sequence or to create an upselling sales funnel, among many marketing strategies to make money IT Cell Number  with a blog or website . To create an automation you have to go to Automations in the right menu and click on the New Automation button. Then the workflow will open, where we design all the automation.

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