From where and when are visitors coming to your site

After reviewing the flow chart, which page on your site had the highest drop-off? Most pages will have some amount of drop off, but if any pages stand out, such as the check-out page or email newsletter sign-up page, then analyze these pages on your site. Maybe there’s an error with user experience or design that is confusing the visitors and driving them away.
After reviewing site speed by page, are there any pages that seem to take an excessive amount of time to load? If so, analyze these pages on your site. If you notice there are large images or files within this page, it may be affecting the page load time.
Under the acquisition section in the left-hand side, you can find out information about where your visitors are coming from. This section is very important for reviewing traffic coming to site from your campaigns. You can also review which sources are sending the most traffic, which are sending the best traffic, and how long users are staying on your website.

High level view of top channels sessions and conversions

All traffic: traffic is broken out by channels, treemaps, source and mediums, and referrals.
Adwords: if you link your adwords account to analytics, this section will give you more in-depth data between the two accounts.
Social: in-depth data of traffic coming from social network sites.
Campaigns: in-depth data of traffic phone lists coming for digital campaigns.
Action items
After reviewing the source and medium section under all traffic, you can see which sites are driving a high amount of quality traffic. If there is one site driving a good amount of organic traffic it might be smart to add in a layer of digital marketing on that site. Such as, if you notice a large quantity of traffic coming from bing that has a high conversion rate, test out a bing search campaign to see if this helps boost performance.

The source and medium section can also give insights into

How current digital campaigns are performing. If you see a ton of clicks within your facebook campaign but once in analytics, you see facebook IT Cell Number traffic has a high bounce rate and low time on site then the targeting on the campaign or call-to-action with the ad copy might be off.
Remember, it’s not as useful just to report on the finding of analytics, instead, analyze and use the data to improve your website and business. Once you understand how to fully utilize analytics, it can be a powerful tool for many different reasons, not only for digital marketing campaigns.

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