Make the Most of Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just shy of one month away, and the search for the perfect gift for the woman who gave you the gift of life is just beginning. On may 8th, millions of americans will show their gratification to their moms with love, thanks, and of course, billions of dollars in gifts.

In 2015, americans spent over $21 billion on mother’s day with the average american spending $173 each according to the national retail federation (nfr). These astonishing sales numbers are the reason that mother’s day has become the third largest retail holiday of the year, expected to grow even bigger in 2016.

Annual growth in mother’s day spending has led to an increase of online search to ensure that consumers are getting the best deals, prices, and unique gifts. Consumers are no longer running into stores to grab a bouquet of flowers and a greeting card. Instead, they’re taking the search for the perfect gift online. Last year, the average online shopper spent $79 more than the previous year. This increased online revenue is forcing businesses to build the best online marketing strategy for these next four weeks.

In today’s blog we’re going to discuss three tips that you can use to build

Asuccessful online marketing strategy and profit from this year’s mother’s day.

Think beyond mom
Over 63% of consumers buy gifts for their mother on mother’s day, but it doesn’t stop there for many. There are several other people that consumers shop for on mother’s day including:

Targeting some of these call lists keywords in addition to “mothers” will drive additional traffic to your page or product and give you an edge over the competition.

Think creatively about the uses of your product or service and use targeting to differentiate yourself from the highly competitive keywords and topics surrounding mother’s day. It’s much more cost effective to outwit your competitors rather than outspend them on keywords.

All about mobile
According to the nfr, 1 in 3 people used their mobile device to get ideas and find their mother’s day gifts last year, with over 40% of them physically purchasing those gifts online. With even more people relying on their mobile device today, optimizing your mobile advertising strategy is crucial to staying in front of your consumers.

There are a few things you can do make sure you’re ready

First – make sure you have all your business information including phone numbers, addresses, and hours correct on your website. Google listings will help ensure that customers searching your product offerings will be able to easily contact or find you to purchase those products.

Second – in addition to having the IT Cell Number right information, using the right mobile tactic to achieve your goals will play a huge role in your success. The world of mobile advertising is ever evolving and there are endless possibilities depending on what kind of end goal you’re trying to achieve. Geofencing can target and serve your ads to people near your business or while at a competitor’s location.

In the end, your ideal mobile strategy boils down to what you would like to ultimately achieve in your campaign. If you want to learn more in depth about mobile and its possibilities, you can check out one of our previous blogs about mobile adverting.

Own your brand
The final tip to effective online marketing for mother’s day comes down to branding and the influence your brand has on the consumer.

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