What are KPIs and why should you keep an eye on them

Understand the real meaning of this important indicator and see how it can make a difference in the marketing results of your business One thing is certain: there is no point in investing rivers and rivers of money in your business if the performance of your strategies, as well as the management processes, are not constantly analyzed so that you have an idea of ​​what is actually working and what is not. After all, how is it possible to achieve good results and measure the success of your company if your results are not even measured? If you work without precise direction or have noticed a need to change the way you manage your business, KPIs can show you the right path to follow.

Key Performance Indicator is nothing more than a Key Performance

Indicator that acts in the management strategy of a company. Allowing a certain action or a set of initiatives are measur in order to understand. Whether the propos objectives are being met. If you’re confused, here’s an example to help you understand better: Imagine that you have AT&T Email List invested in creating a blog within your company’s website and, after publishing some content, you want to know how  many pages a visitor has accessed. A KPI is capable of providing this result for you. If the number of pages per visit is equal to 2, for example, you will know that your blog’s bounce rate is around 80% and, based on that, work on improvements to attract users’ attention. The same goes for Customer Acquisition Cost.

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That there are different types of KPIs and that it is possible to define which

The most important for your type of business to help you analyze your results. What are the main categories of KPIs? Productivity indicator. It helps in measuring the amount of resources that a company uses to generate a product or service. Must be constantly appli so that the IT Cell Number performance and efficiency of the processes are analyz. Quality Indicators: Just like everything in life, mistakes and unforeseen events happen. Therefore, in business this would be no different. Along with productivity indicators. This type of KPI is aim at analyzing situations like these, which, in a way, end up appearing unexpectedly. Capacity indicators: A good way to identify the level of competitiveness. That the company has, since here the responsiveness in relation to a process.

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