points that your company needs to pay attention to and that make a difference in the results of Mkt Digital actions

Is your website not the center of your digital communication? If your website is not the center of your digital strategy, you will certainly be making the worst of mistakes and will pay dearly for it. Keep your products, services and contacts up to date on your website. Your website is your digital catalogue, it’s your business card, it will be the first thing your future client will see before contacting you. Website does not solve the customer’s pain The majority of the sites have institutional content, that is, they talk about the company, the market time, they talk about products and services in a generic way. Your website needs to be a SELLER, it needs to talk about the customer’s pain and be set up to sell or prospect customers.

Whatsapp is the best feature and it should be implemented on your

Website preferably with a button that accompanies navigation and should be on every page of your website. Your site is not well configur for mobile Currently. Searches and visits to a website are made by cell phones. If your website is not well configur, you will GMX Email List certainly be losing customers. Open your website now and analyze how it appears to your client, if the experience is not pleasant, resolve it with your developer very urgently. Your company does not invest in SEO strategies SEO are strategies us to rank your website within Google organically, that is, your website appears for free on Google and its indications. Focus a lot on this service, if your marketing team doesn’t know these techniques, look for professionals who do. Your company is not giving attention to Google My Business .

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Google My Business is a free Google site that places your business

Google Maps and local searches for products and services. Having a validated account allows you to respond and defend against bad reviews that may occur. Your company does not invest in Social Networks When someone is interest in your brand. Product or service, you can be IT Cell Number sure that they will. Look at your networks to find out more about you. Invest in good content that speaks directly to your target audience. Maintain a regularity of 1 to 2 weekly posts at least. Focus on Stories and Reels. Your company does not invest in Paid Traffic . Do a search now on Google putting your product or service. If you don’t invest in paid traffic (ads on Google and social media) your competitors are certainly appearing there. This is the most serious mistake your company can make.

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