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To qualitatively process high resolution video using neural networks. You will nee either a very powerful graphics accelerator or a significant amount of time. The following comes out of the first minus the high cost of processing one frame. Modern algorithms have not yet learne. How to complete super quality frames on which the movement of any objects is too fast. So for example when interpolating a video of a tennis game the ball will not be visible in some frames. The neural network simply does not draw it as an insignificant element of the frame. Modern interpolation methods practically do not have a mass application due to the high demands on resources.

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At the moment in most cases its algorithms are use for experiments. But there are exceptions. NVIDIA has learne how to use the techniques use in frame analysis to improve the picture in games. This is how DLSS technology appeare which simultaneously kills two birds with one stone it improves the picture in the game and almost doubles the frame rate per second. In addition to large companies like NVIDIA small startups such as neural. love use neural Fax Lists network interpolation methods . This is a project of our compatriot which uses modern neural networks to solve a number of different tasks from upscaling video in K and interpolation at FPS to restoring old photos. Looks like magic. This text is not a WRC on neural networks but in order to better understand what neural networks the modern interpolation method works on let’s get acquainte with the popular research neural network.

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DAIN is the most famous VFI neural network This neural network is not a finishe product it is an exploratory algorithm designe to reefine the approach to interpolation and make it a work of art . The model receives a video as input and goes through IT Cell Number it several times applying different methods to the frames. As a result we get the highest quality processe content. DAIN consists of the following layers Optical flow conversion algorithm At this stage the well known interframe interpolation takes place using the old standard method nothing special. Go ahead. Building a depth map At this stage an auxiliary neural network is turne on which takes the frame and builds its depth map.

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