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Are you looking for a different personal brand book ? Do you run away from the straw? Here you have a 100% practical Personal branding Workbook to work on and enhance your personal brand. In this article I will tell you about my latest launch with my partner Andrés Pérez, our first personal brand ebook and why we made it so practical. Well today I bring you a very special article for me, because apart from being a sign that my other personal project is working well, I invite you to discover my new book, in this case a  Workbook full of exercises and tasks if you want.

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Brand from scratch. And furthermore, I am especially excited because I have created it with Andrés Pérez Ortega, my greatest company data reference in personal branding and in all digital Marketing for everything he contributes and the person he is , something that I would never have imagined to be possible. But here it is, and I think this book is going to be very cool. After showing you a little about the reason for creating a new website to give more value to that project, I want to tell you what the workbook we have created is. For some time we have been seeing books on like “churros” coming out, and the saddest thing is that they are all very similar. That is, a lot of straw and little practice or strategy.

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Because people are afraid to tell their exercises or strategies. And have others copy them or simply because they are rehashes of rehashes. And to escape a bit from this type of mass book creations. That are all the same, we have decided to create a series of books. Where we contribute all our knowledge but in a more practical. Way and so that whoever reads the book can take action and not be IT Cell Number left alone. with the theory . This personal branding book is only the first of a collection that will come later but we want everyone to be able to provide some real practice and usefulness.

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