Thema world of grey. And that leaks out. you desperately try to cover it, it shows through – even if only a glimpse here and there. So you become an oddity by default. People disapprove of you anyway. You disappoint and embarrass regardless. People look at you as though you don’t belong And it’s true. You don’t. But, the question I have now come to ask myself, is whether that – not belonging – is such a bad thing? iam in Do I want to belong in a society where a woman being pretty, is valu more highly than her being intelligent.

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A society where we reinforce this view to girls database from the moment they are born? Do I want to belong in a society, where young boys inadvertently learn that they should view girls as objects? Where my self-worth is measur by how I am view by others, rather than how I view myself? Words of the highest praise No. I don’t want to belong to that. I’ll take opinionat, argumentative, and hard-head. Because to me, those are words of the highest praise. And yes, I still hide parts of myself. I still fear people discovering every piece of my misshapen self, and maybe.


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I always will be but those parts that leak IT Cell Number out anyway? I hope that they leave rainbows in their wake, and I hope that my nieces, and nephews, get glimpses of colour amongst the grey, and they grow up with the knowlge that the mould can be broken. That the mould is flaw. That the mould is the thing that is unattractive. Not them. Because no-one really looks pretty in grey. Reproduc with permission, originally publish here: Pretty in Grey UNIT STATES iam in mental health daily tracker and journal UNIT KINGDOM iam in mental health daily.