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If you havent yet familiariz yourself with the possibilities that influencer marketing offers to your company now is the time! Read also Use influencer marketing as part of paid social mia advertising – 5 effective ways Why should influencer marketing be done? In 2022 all information will be available at the push of a button so consumers will also be constantly growing more aware in their choices and purchasing decisions. It is no longer enough for a brand to be environmentally friendly or to have a world of values ​​glu on top.

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Because oflook more authentic by bringing in a well-known and admir influencer to business lead market the product instead of the brand itself praising the benefits or features of its products. When a trust influencer speaks for a brand or product it can be easier to get peoples attention and stand out from the competition. Pioneering influencer marketing companies have been hiring their own in-house content producers to create content exclusively for digital channels for some time now.

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These features increase the consumers level of awareness of the brand or product help remove obstacles to the purchase and lead the buying path towards the IT Cell Number final purchase decision. Live shopping is a trend that originally start in China at the time of the corona pandemic which has also establish itself in Finland during 2022. It combines huge website traffic and significantly higher conversion rates for store visits.

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