A video says more than a thousand

Brands pay social mia channels to distribute the content they want to a target audience. The content of paid mia can be organic content “boost” by the brand itself or paid content specially design for commercial purposes. A video says more than a thousand pictures Videos are shar up to 12 times more than text and images combin. Recently through the growth in popularity of TikTok consumers are already us to video content that they can share with their friends or save for themselves in case of the future.

Different social mia channels

The algorithms of work in slightly different ways but the audiences engagement with the content is a significant factor in the performance of the content and the achievement of marketing goals regardless of the channel. Therefore comments shares and saves should not be underestimat. Of course short videos are not an invention of TikTok nor are they the exclusive property of the platform but for example Instagram and Facebooks Reels and

Shorts use exactly the same

Creating content creat for the Reach phase is the special expertise of influencers. More and more brands are collaborating with IT Cell Number influencers in order to reach new audiences for their products which the brand sees as a potential place for growth and a new customer base. In addition to filling the top of the funnel influencers are often follow by a committ community who are interest in the persons opinions lifestyle and for example product or service recommendations supporting the Engage phase of other marketing.

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