Franchises in Mexico That You Can Look at in Detail to Scale Your Businesses

Opening franchises in Mexico can be an interesting business opportunity. Franchises in since it allows you to scale the reach of companies that operated in a part of the national territory. Franchises in Mexico have emerged as a successful marketing model with a great positive impact for the country. Generating more than 700 thousand jobs, according to data from the Mexican Franchise Association . In fact, and citing the statements of said organization, an increase in. GDP of 6.5% can be associated thanks to these ventures. These types of companies, in this country and the world. Have an advantage over the rest: they are already proven models .

Franchises in Best Franchises in Mexico

With more than 25 years of existence, Pemex is the largest email database franchise in the country and. Is oriented to the gas sector, as you surely already know. And according to Brand Finance’s ranking, this organization is worth more than US$7.36 billion. This company has more than 168 thousand franchises around the nation, which makes it the most popular. And its attractiveness is evident: they supply fuel to various types of vehicles . For example, you can acquire a franchise in Mexico for self-consumption for just over MX $159,000 pesos. Of initial investment, or one dedicated to fishing vessels for MX $490,000 pesos.

Cheap Franchises in Mexico

With more than 25 years in Mexico, the Chem Dry company IT Cell Number focuses on providing cleaning. Disinfection, and protection services for carpets, furniture, and car interiors. One of the main advantages of its cheap franchise model is that for an initial investment of MX$296 thousand pesos you can fully start. Operations, since it includes the license and an initial kit with equipment and products. Its ROI is between 18 and 36 months, whether you want to operate from a physical point of sale or doing home delivery.

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