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If this is a multipage service site an information portal or an online store then collecting semantics for all sections at once is a very timeconsuming process that takes more than one month. Therefore it is reasonable to choose locomotive directions and start working from them and gradually work on each section. We offer the creation of a semantic core for the site FIND OUT THE COST Competitive Analysis competitive analysis for promotion Analysis of search results and sites that are displaye in the TOP. It is also an ongoing process that rests on the shoulders of an SEO specialist.

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It is necessary to periodically check the issue how it changes what new web resources appear due to what factors they reache the top indicators. Similar measures are being implemente on the site being promote in order to maintain positions. Internal optimization Togo Email List The SEO specialist who monitors the technical condition of the site is also responsible for this work this includes Technical parameters robots sitemap markup. Correct display of the site on stationary and mobile devices. Page loading spee. Display of require tags title descriptions headings hh alt for pictures.

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It also creates a profile for typical site pages and the optimizer monitors its compliance title templates template descriptions h templates alt templates IT Cell Number for pictures parameters of texts on pages volume uniqueness indicators of water overspam etc. functionality request forms cards filters and other blocks. Website development site improvement These issues are dealt with by an SEO specialist a designer and a programmer webmaster. Base on the terms of reference from the optimizer the programmer finalizes the site. It also requires the help of a web designer to visualize the task in the style of the site and show how it should look for example a filter block or a multilevel dropdown menu.

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