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Going into 2023 both peoples content and spending Paid and organic money in online stores compar to brick-and-mortar are constantly growing and the pace doesnt seem to be slowing down. The combin global turnover of consumer e-commerce has grown by more than $500 billion annually and is project to reach nearly $6 trillion in 2023 (source Statista ). The expansion of the social mia economy means an increase in commercial content and the development of sales tools. The development of technology and changes in the market require

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To be able to change and adapt in a constantly changing competitive field. In this blog lets go through the most important trends in social mia advertising as we approach 2023. Short-term video b2b email list content is steadily establishing its position as the most popular form of content. TikToks dominance as a pioneer in the production and consumption of video content seems to be just the beginning. Content that appeals to consumers increases the number of influencer collaborations even among small players.

Liveshopping will revolutionize

b2b email list

Shopping experience online Artificial intelligence will change the role of the expert in marketing but not eliminate it. For example Hootsuite covers the same topic in its own blog . Paid and organic IT Cell Number content on social mia Organic mia refers to free content publish on social mia. It sounds pretty simple but the reason organic social mia is the foundation of every digital marketing strategy today is because its the best way to connect with your customers at large. Paid social mia practically means advertising.

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