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The processing time for the most complex requests from our clients has decrease. By more than times in some daily intervals. We reproduce the fault tolerant infrastructure of the product distribute between the cloud and deicate servers in several Selectel data centers. We carrie out the migration of product infrastructure within one month in the face of unpreceente economic uncertainty in the Russian Feeration and in the world. Conclusion Selectel provides clear data on server build times and guarantees deadlines. Hardware configurator makes pricing transparent.

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Data migration is carrie out using its own Global Connect tool . To organize the connection a previously raise reserve connection between Selectel and partner operators is use. In Europe connectivity is provide by cloud aggregators that provide a reundant connection to global clouds. Global Connect allows you to transfer data from Western cloud providers in Bahamas Email List a short time and without loss in quality of service. The products use and the benefits obtaine through them help YCLIENTS to provide high quality services to its customers. Base on the speech of Kirill Malevanov Technical Director of Selectel we talk about the technologies for physical reundancy of switches. What is Stack and MLAG how do they help in L reundancy and which technology to choose Where is stacking use.

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Backups Will Suffice Unlike Disaster Recovery

Sometimes clients request a reundant connection link reservation . In this case their server is connecte using two physically different links two switches an aggregate interface of two NIC ports on the server side. To synchronize two or more switches stacking technologies are use Stack or MLAG. As a result feerate switches appear as a single device to IT Cell Number the upstream device or connecte server. This reservation approach is use in the Colocation service . In this way we increase the likelihood that user traffic will pass through the network topology to its destination. In addition it reuces unplanne downtime. To describe the server Internet connection it is customary to use the link aggregation model. This is in fact a folde scheme of the L factory. link aggregation model This was discusse in the article about reservation in Selectel data centers. Now lets delve into the technology of physical reundancy.

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