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Rent deicate servers ready in minutes Servers with GPU for solving any problems. test Solution move in a month Dmitry Shestakov CTO of YCLIENTS We considere several local providers. Given the shortage of components on the market only Selectel was able to provide the necessary server configuration. The project was divide into three phases Negotiation of terms and conclusion of the contract. Assembly and connection of custom servers. Debugging and monitoring infrastructure.

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In addition to custom servers with productive hardware processors memory disk drives etc. YCLIENTS also pursue the goal of creating a geo distribute infrastructure. Diversifying data across multiple locations improves platform availability. Even if any Austria Email List components fail at one point its work will not be interrupte. For a business service provider this is a powerful competitive advantage. Selectels presence of several Tier data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the potential for further scaling was a decisive factor in the conclusion of the contract. The solution provide by YCLIENTS does not only consist of modern equipment.

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Recovery Will Pay Off With Interest Companies

It includes a number of practices competencies of engineering teams and infrastructure support. All deicate servers are certifie according to FZ therefore they are suitable for processing personal data in accordance with applicable law. results Dmitry Shestakov CTO of YCLIENTS We have achieve the main goal to ensure the reliable operation of the IT Cell Number service in the Russian segment of the Internet in the change conditions. One of the consequences of this was an increase in the spee of the platform. The acceleration of work operations has a positive impact on the business results of the service customers. What it looks like in practice It was possible to reuce the average processing time for requests of all users to a historical minimum. This figure has become significantly less than ms. Reuce processing time for green line and re line of user requests.

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