What is Conversion Journey and why we need to think about it before starting marketing actions

Mapping the path that customers take is all your business needs to do to provide good experiences and stand out from the competition From the first contact with the brand to after-sales. The customer journey is exactly defined by the entire process that takes place between these two points. From it, companies are able to identify which phase consumers are close to buying, working on more effective strategies and sales arguments. In fact, this entire route is characterized by well-defined stages, which you can see in this article. What are the main stages of the customer journey? Learning and discovery: Doubt or curiosity. At this starting point of the journey, these are the reasons that make a potential client walk in search of information capable of helping him to better understand that particular theme/subject.

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Perfect solution to remedy this doubt. Remembering that, as there is still no purchase intention, when working on this strategy within your business, the focus must be on attraction, betting on content of quality, without forcing a commercial approach. Blog posts and Gambling Email List educational infographics, for example, are welcome at this stage. Problem recognition: From the researched content, the consumer begins to recognize that he does have a ne to be sol, but that he is not able to face it alone. That way, he will certainly need some product or service. It is exactly at this moment that your business must show that it has everything it needs. Mentioning sales? Not yet! Don’t worry, we’ll get there.

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Objective, it is important to be aware that here he already recognizes his problem and starts to evaluate solutions. That means yes, he will also be keeping an eye on his competitors to identify the best alternative. Prices, ratings, testimonials, success stories… all these and countless other IT Cell Number details are taken into account at this stage. That is, its mission here is: to create a sense of urgency, showing all its advantages and differentials to make it solve the problem as soon as possible. Strategies must then be more incisive, making it clear that you are the most efficient alternative! Purchase decision: The most awaited moment of all has arrived! Finally, at this stage, the consumer is ready to choose the company.


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