What is it and why is it so important for your digital marketing strategy?

If you keep reading or hearing this word around, the time to understand a little more about this strategy and apply it efficiently in your business is now! Have you ever wondered why some pages appear in the top positions on Google and others don’t? If you own a business and decided to create a website with the aim of reinforcing the dissemination of your products and services, but you still haven’t stopped to think about this issue, we have only one thing to say: you are missing out on the chance to earn more. market authority, receive more visitors and increase your chances of conversions. This is because a user will hardly click on page “2” of the results of that search engine, which means that yes, your efforts should be aimed at gaining a good position in searches.

A concept that at first glance may seem a bit complicated

Which turns out to be the essential key to ensure that more people reach you. How about taking some time to learn more about this strategy? Come with us! What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, in translation: Search Engine Optimization. To facilitate understanding: a set Yahoo Email List of strategies that can be used to optimize websites, blogs and various web pages. All designed to improve your positioning in the organic results of search engines. Still in other words: strategies that have a direct influence on the algorithms responsible for determining the ranking of pages shown to users, since it is from the understanding of the functionality of search engines that your work begins to take shape, taking into account several factors, such as: Choosing quality keywords: They are the ones that will help prepare each page of the site to inform search engines what actually exists.

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Content will be found and associated with the terms typed by users

Therefore, it is essential that there is a strategic elaboration in this choice. Something that goes beyond the products and services offered. But that integrates the entire customer journey, that is, everything that may interest them. Production of relevant content. When a certain person IT Cell Number accesses a website and considers it “irrelevant. One thing can be sure: he will not access it again. That’s precisely why that, of all the techniques that encompass SEO. The production of relevant content capable of providing. A good experience to the user, making him stay on the page for a long time, is the basis of everything. Here, we are talking about complete, original, organized and well-written descriptions, with the keywords (already mentioned) used correctly in titles and intertitles, for example, associated with.

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