Is the general data protection law already in force Understand

Everything was right for the general data. Protection law ( lgpd ) to come into force from may 3, 2021, but due to a vote in the senate at the end of august, which ended up “overthrowing” its after the postponement, the law received presidential sanction and came into effect on september 18 of that year. Which further increases the urgency of adapting to it. The need to create the lgpd arose due to the various, and successive, data. Leak scandals in recent years, which made public numerous information about people in brazil and around the world. It will bring more transparency. With regard to the use of personal information on the internet, which will cause several changes in the normal processes of companies. That invest in digital marketing , especially for those that do not have good practices in the treatment of such data.

Read the text below understand what will change and

How your company can be prepared for what is to come. After all, what does the lgpd consist of? In case you didn’t already know, the general data protection law, in short, is the brazilian legislation that determines a new way for how citizens’ data Denmark Cell Phone Number List in the virtual universe can be collected, processed and disclosed. It was based on the european law that came into force in 2018, known as the general data protection regulation (gdpr), which came. To fine companies such as google and facebook in millions of euros. The lgpd establishes a series of rules that companies and organizations must follow, providing for punishments for transgressions that may occur.

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Check out some principles that will be established

Adequacy, that is, compatibility of the use of personal. Data with the informed purposes; 2- transparency for the use of personal data and the respective accountability; 3- user protection. Throughout the business architecture; 4- necessity, limitation of the use of data to achieve the intended purpose and the indispensable. Immediate deletion of data IT Cell Number after achieving such purpose; 5- purpose, determined and previously informed to the holders of. The collected data; 6- among several others! The general data protection law is already in force how does lgpd affect your business. The most relevant point with regard to the lgpd is how data collection will start to work from the moment.

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