Blog as part of the strategy for your company to sell more

Years ago, blogs were all the rage in the digital world. Today, new platforms have emerged, but they. are still very important when we talk about Blog as part of the strategy good digital marketing strategies. The pandemic only reinforced what everyone knew. building a digital presence is an obligation for brands that want to […]

Is the general data protection law already in force Understand

Everything was right for the general data. Protection law ( lgpd ) to come into force from may 3, 2021, but due to a vote in the senate at the end of august, which ended up “overthrowing” its after the postponement, the law received presidential sanction and came into effect on september 18 of that […]

Payment through whatsapp how does it benefit my business

On june 15, whatsapp , the most used instant. Messaging and voice calling application for smartphones in the world, announced a new feature on its platform, where users of personal. And commercial whatsapp business accounts can, from now on, make payments and receive money through facebook pay , a platform .Owned by the same group […]

Bottom of the sales funnel don’t let the lead convert into the competitor

The bottom of the sales funnel is the last step. In the process that aims to convert a contact into a sale. Along with the consumer journey, this phase represents the moment when. The person is already willing to read about your company’s product/service, and it is time to create specific content to close the […]

Top of the funnel how to attract leads at this stage

If you are familiar with the sales funnel process , you know. That it is very important for companies that know their audience and invest in digital marketing . For it to work, its steps must be well structured, with specific strategies for the top, middle and bottom of the funnel . The first phase […]

Multichannel lead generation learn how to do it and why it’s important

When it comes to digital marketing , it is practically. Impossible not to talk about leads and lead generation , after all, this is the main strategy to create sales opportunities for companies. However, in a world where new means of communication Multichannel lead generation appear every year, it is no use keeping digital marketing […]

Is your company prepared for consumer

Vertical communication, bland products and standardized experience. Do you think it pleases people? Well, in the not-too-distant past, it wasn’t necessary to worry about these. Factors, but nowadays, that doesn’t solve it anymore. Buying and Is your company prepared selling relationships have changed and, to please the 5.0 consumer , it is necessary to focus […]

Gs2 marketing is a finalist in the results agencies award

It is with great joy that we share this news with all of you. Which is the result of intense and very focused work by the entire gs2 marketing team. We are finalists in the 2020 results agencies. Award, promoted by digital results . The agency is among the top 10 in the sales specialist […]