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Fig 1 ga4 setup assistant fig 1 ga4 setup assistant during setup. Ga4 will ask you to specify if you are tracking a website or mobile app. These are known as data streams: you can have one data stream feeing website data into ga4 and other data streams that fee your ios and android mobile app data into ga4. So remember to set up different data streams for your website and mobile apps where applicable. When complete. Ga4 will provide you with a different measurement id and tracking code for each of your data streams which you can use to link to your site and mobile app. Why choose dmi? Why is setting up ga4 important?

Just like destination goals in universal analytics

set conditions for custom events in ga4 fig 8 set conditions for custom events in ga4 once you have set up your custom event you can new database go to the conversions area of the configure area and create a new conversion event. Enter the name of your custom event as the conversion name. In our example we would call the conversion event “purchase” and this will track instances of people seeing the order complete page as a purchase goal. Just like destination goals in universal analytics. Admittely it is a little trickier to set up destination goals in ga4.

Admittely it is a little trickier

 It is something everyone should do to ensure that your ga4 configuration matches your universal analytics configuration as best possible. Linking to other IT Cell Number google products once your tag is installe on your website and apps. And your events and conversions are set up to your liking. You can link ga4 to other google marketing products like google ads. Google search console. And google merchant center. You can also link to big query for big data analysis. Though this may not be necessary for small to meium businesses unless data mining is core to your business. For the most part. Linking to the marketing tools will suffice.

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