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And ready! You are already register on the Perú uca platform. register in Perúuca PERU UCA COURSES Through the Virtual Campus we can access virtual courses that are self-training. These are on various topics that may interest participants: inclusion, sign language , languages, student support, sustainability, mental health, among others. To do this, you must check if it is available by the start and end date, since vacancies are limit and some courses will be clos if you do not register on time. Check the number of units the course has and the number of hours before registering.

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When you find the one that best suits your objectives, pre-register for it. A form will open in which you must enter your information such as ID, names, cell phone, email. Then, to access your subjects you must enter “ Courses in development ” and you must locate the course in which you enroll. Certificate of Peru uca On the other hand, there business email list is the Teacher Training Program which is bas on courses dicat to the continuous improvement of ucational actors in general. Meanwhile, teachers will be train in different topics, such as strengthening skills for the use of digital resources, quality management, school quality, multilevel learning, etc.

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Svg e peru uca certificates course members who complete all establish activities such as: review of materials (videos, readings), completion of tasks and forum responses; upon completion IT Cell Number of the units, you will receive a certificate that will specify the number of hours studi. So, to download your peru uca certificates you must enter the virtual capus of the site here . Then, click on the “ download your certificate ” button. A new page will open where you can view a list of your complet certificates or certificates .

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