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If you want more information about our careers, visit our UPN website or contact us at our WhatsApp number . Make the best decision! Did you know that there is a page where you can follow courses for free? Learn more about Perú uca and continue your training online. Peru uca Perú uca is a virtual platform that will allow you to study online courses and access a large number of ucational resources, tools and services. In addition, it provides support to teachers and students, and promotes both dialogue and collaboration between all ucational actors.

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Have free access to high-quality ucational materials for all ucational levels and improve your abilities and skills with Perú uca: initiative of the Ministry of ucation of Peru . Also, you will have access to different resources, such as forums , webinars , blogs , articles , news , among others. You only ne to have an internet connection. Are you ready to continue b2b leads your learning and continue training as a student virtually and for free? Do you want to improve your skills so that you arrive at university with more knowlge and skills? Then Peru uca is for you! HOW DO I REGISTER FOR PERÚ UCA? Enter your email address with which you will register for Perú uca and write your access password twice.

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Then, activate the “ I am not a robot ” box and then “ Continue registration ”Register in Peru uca Access your email and enter the “email address verification link”. verify your Perúuca account Choose IT Cell Number the type of document you have and write its number. It is also necessary to enter the 6-digit Ubigeo birth number. With this data, the system will be able to recognize your information. Don’t forget to choose a profile option to which you belong. Then, click on “ I accept terms and conditions ”

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