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You will be able to see the name, grade, date and number of hours of each subject as a list. Finally, you must click on the white square found in the last column. You can select one course or several for it. Then, click on “ Send certificate ” and it will automatically arrive to your register email. We bring you a list of innovative experiments that you can apply for your high school science project or fair . Discover it here! From pencils made with vegetables and infinite candles , did you know that it is possible to do experiments with things that you probably have in your house? We understand that part of learning is experience, which is why it is important to carry out school projects that allow you to feel these experiences.

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Discover how to do experiments for secondary school that are ecological and that will be very useful to you. Are you ready for this adventure? Homemade experiments for secondary school next, we will present some experiments for secondary science fair and their procure; so that you can have options when participating business lead or competing in these events. On this occasion, they will also be ecological, friendly, homemade options, easy to make and very useful. Eco-friendly ink pens experiments for secondary school eco-friendly ink pens the pigment of some vegetables can also be us to recharge the ink of those utensils that have already been worn out by use.

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This experiment is recommend for pens that have liquid or gel ink and that are easy to disassemble. Materials Us liquid or gel ink pens Vegetables such as carrot, beet, turmeric, parsley, coriander a syringe An extractor IT Cell Number or blender A mortar and pestle Cotton cloth for sifting Procure With the help of an extractor, pour vegetables such as carrots, beets or turmeric. In the case of parsley and cilantro, it will be crush with the help of a mortar and pestle. In all cases it is necessary to sift the dyes with a cotton cloth, as it will help us separate the liquid from the challenges that the vegetable may have.

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