Gs2 marketing is a finalist in the results agencies award

It is with great joy that we share this news with all of you. Which is the result of intense and very focused work by the entire gs2 marketing team. We are finalists in the 2020 results agencies. Award, promoted by digital results . The agency is among the top 10 in the sales specialist category. The awards event will be. Broadcast live, at 7 pm, on rd channels, on november 30th. This year, the traditional award takes on a new form, which is to. Recognize the work of partner agencies that stood out amid the adverse scenario of the year, promoting the delivery of real results . See this post for more information about the award.

Finalist among agencies from all over brazil the rd

Agências de valores award is considered the highest. Award for the agencies sector and is divided into eight categories: best case, ninja sword, sales specialist. Best in rd station marketing, revelation agency and agency of the year, knowledge marathonist Cameroon Mobile Number List and moving agencies. These last two categories are new this year. In the tier gold branch group, we stand out in the sales specialist category, being among the 10 finalists. Out of 488 branches across the country. And out of a total of 1,575 partner agencies, we are among the top 30 in the category.

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This year we promoted a rapid adaptation process to the

Crisis scenario triggered by the pandemic. We achieved significant success in our own growth with. Customer retention and attraction of new customers in an extremely delicate scenario. This solid work focused on efficient deliveries over the  IT Cell Number last few years has brought proven results for our clients and consequently for the agency. Base da gs2 marketing gs2 is a digital marketing company, specialized in inbound marketing. Tends clients from different segments: medical and veterinary area, architecture and engineering, education, fitness, decoration, insurance. Project management, technology, industries, home automation, among others. Among some  months for a client in the medical area.

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