Top of the funnel how to attract leads at this stage

If you are familiar with the sales funnel process , you know. That it is very important for companies that know their audience and invest in digital marketing . For it to work, its steps must be well structured, with specific strategies for the top, middle and bottom of the funnel . The first phase represents the learning phase, that is, it is at this stage. That the public has its first contact with the company . And, contrary to what many people think, it is not enough to. Just publish any type of post on social networks or blog articles. Much more needs to be done for the funnel to actually work. Read the text and understand how to work the top of the funnel in your company! After all, what would tofu be. No, you did not read it wrong.

We are not talking about that oriental food produced from

Soy, but about the top of the sales funnel (dubbed tofu). Which is the widest part of the entire process of attracting leads. It is at this stage that your company receives the greatest number. Of visitors and, therefore, you must do something to arouse their interest. The sales funnel is structured as follows: top of the funnel how to. Attract leads at this stage Colombia Mobile Number List and it is because of this configuration that the stage at the top of the funnel is very important. Since it is through it that the company is able to attract and educate potential consumers . But how to educate? Well, in this case, it is in the literal sense of the word. Your company needs to think that the visitor does not yet know that he has a problem. And may have landed on your website by “parachute”, so this is the moment to capture. His attention and show that you have something that can be useful for him.

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At that moment he is still not interested in

Your product  service, he is just wanting to. Know about the subject that you are an expert, broadly. For example, if you are an ead for architecture professionals, at the top. Of the funnel, people still don’t want to know about your course specifically, but IT Cell Number about architecture, construction tips, software. Tips, among other things that might be useful for their day to day. If you are a store that sells chandeliers, at that moment people. Want to know more about decoration tips, and not change the chandeliers in her house. So how do you produce content for the top of the sales funnel. The content marketing strategy for this stage is to produce materials  language.

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