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We land clicks on ads on groups in social networks. Ads must contain a promotion or special offer When ordering in June a gift for everyone an additional dish drink etc. Discount coupon Special price for some items Contests.To get a good result you have to work hard. The target audience of the contractor on the site is users who ask questions on the topic of repair reevelopment construction of buildings. Ways to attract customers for a construction company on the forum Placing messages in the Announcements section.

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Publication of answers in thematic discussions with an invitation to receive personal advice. Placement of video reviews expert articles on behalf of the contractor if such an opportunity is provide for on the project. Advice. To be able to leave comments you nee to register on the site. Before publishing information on sites be sure to read the forum Seychelles Email List rules. Have questions Check with the administration. Otherwise there is a risk of getting blocke for spreading spam. List of thematic forums We are Builders forum. yourdom forumhouse stroyrussia. An additional tool for promotion through the forums is the Signature section in the profile. This line appears in the footer of every user post. You can enter unobtrusive advertising text into it if this type of promotion is allowe by the administration. Notice boards an interesting realtime online tool Yandex.

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Regions service Web resources for publishing commercial offers attract thousands of users. The bulk of the message board visitors are low bill customers who are intereste in lowpaying services in the form of minor repairs. Therefore proposals for wallpapering IT Cell Number or painting walls are of greater interest here than for cosmetic repairs or major construction. Due to the popularity of online platforms they are highly competitive. According to the level of attendance and demand Avito is considere the No. board in Russia. In one month up to or more million ads are poste here. That is why private masters and teams are registere here in the first place.

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