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Read Combine model Such a device assumes that part of the infrastructure is hoste on the side of the enterprise or at the provider and some capacity is in the cloud. Such infrastructure is also calle hybrid. Own IT infrastructure and IaaS Depending on the nature and size of the business companies choose one of the approaches. Own IT infrastructure is often the story of large companies that nee complete control over equipment and data. Often these are banks and large government agencies. Significant costs are require to provide your own equipment park in addition to purchasing servers you nee people who will be responsible for their work without failures.

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Only large enterprises with an income of several billion rubles annually can afford this. The rest of the companies from micro businesses to large organizations are increasingly choosing IaaS infrastructure as a service . The essence of IaaS is that the provider provides the client with ready made server capacities and the client can load them and configure them Industry Email List according to his own plan. Reliable infrastructure for your business From colocation to platform products. Choose IaaS eliminates the capital costs of equipment regular maintenance of the hardware all these are the concerns of the provider. The provider also provides network connectivity for servers network infrastructure and provides ready made images of operating systems for a quick start.

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In this case the client can influence the configuration of the server its placement as well as install any necessary software on the server. IaaS is the right model for companies if I want to move from capital costs to operating costs and save money it is IT Cell Number difficult to ensure the purchase of own equipment there are no qualifie specialists to ensure the operation of the on premises infrastructure there is a floating seasonal load on servers sometimes you nee more servers and sometimes less it is necessary to ensure the compatibility of physical and cloud resources for example in the case of a distribute enterprise infrastructure . Conclusion So we briefly reviewe the concept of IT infrastructure its models and types.

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